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Thermodynamic solar system is an innovative technology solution combining solar technology

heat pump process, which allows more efficient heat production, year-round

day and night, regardless of weather conditions.

The technology overcomes the limitations previously observed in conventional solar systems

heat pumps, the level of harvesting energy increases enabling solar

thermodynamic systems work in terms of:

sun Clouds

Rain Snow Even at night

Round generate clean green energy from the sun and environment

Hot water and heating to temperatures of 45-55 ° C, 24 hours / 365 days a year

in sun, rain, wind, snow, day and night

Effectiveness of absorbing energy from the environment at temperatures down to minus 15 ° C

Energy efficient products with energy saving up to 70% compared to standard

technology for water heating with electricity.

Short terms of return

Wide range of application:

- Kindergartens, dormitories, health and assisted living

- Polyclinics, hospitals, sports complexes and gyms

- Sanitary rooms in offices and industrial buildings

- Apartments, houses, hotels

- Shopping centers, supermarkets, restaurants

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