Renewable energy sources

The energy supply of buildings contributes significantly to increasing energy consumption worldwide. The shortage of resources associated with rising energy costs leads to a change in the structure of energy supply for buildings. Renewable energy sources are increasingly in bold on the market, despite higher investment costs associated with their use. While biomass, based on the limited usable space, not enough decision for overall energy needs, the investment costs for the construction and operation of plants for geothermal energy are very high. Wind turbines for electricity production are not an appropriate solution for urban environments. CHP in the form of combined heat and power, fuel cells or Stirling engines also not an option because they are energy efficient, to fully cover the energy needs.

The use of solar radiation is often suitable only for electricity or heat in single and two-family houses based on the ratio of the roof to the living area. The parallel implementation of both systems result from incorrect choice of system often leads to the use of only one of the two systems - photovoltaic or solar thermal energy because there is not enough space for parallel implementation of both systems. By combining the two systems for heat and power in one module is for an efficient use of space, combined heat and electricity.

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